My One Year Anniversary

It really is hard to believe that I have been blogging for a year. As I sit here, we are going through hour eight of the roofing guys putting on our new roof. We feel so blessed in this. Our insurance is covering all but our deductible because of hail damage that happened over three different storms these past three months. As our roof was already in need of replacing (We were trying to figure out how to afford doing it next year.), the financial boon is humbling.

While we have never had extra, God has always supplied our needs. Our financial wants have remained unfulfilled 90% of the time, but we learn to be more content each day. It can be hard to be content living in a country like America that has so many pretty things to tempt the eye and heart. We live in a marketing culture that not only says, “Only the best (which usually means “the newest”) will do.” It says, “Only the best will make you happy.”

I once used to spend a great deal of mental energy dreaming about winning the lottery that I have never played. There was a large billboard half way between my house and the university where I used to teach. It advertised the next astounding jackpot, so I would spend the rest of my commute dreaming of what I could do with all that free money. I would even put pen to paper, planning it all out. I had a discussion with God as to whether or not I should buy a lottery ticket — just one for when the lottery reached those astronomical numbers. My reasoning began, “I just don’t want to worry about money anymore.” His answer made for a very short conversation. “Well, then don’t,” he said. I realized that for me — and I wouldn’t put this on anyone else — to play the lottery is wrong.

So, we are in the midst of receiving a new roof that God completely and unexpectedly provided. And I have an iphone that works as a phone, but almost not at all otherwise because after only two weeks of finally upgrading to a smartphone and only paying 99 cents for it (which was all we could afford), I absentmindedly left it in my pocket and put it in the washing machine. And, of course, we can’t afford to replace it.=) Such is life.


One thought on “My One Year Anniversary

  1. I love you, Little One. Your writing had always had the ability to enable me to ride the emotional gambit – from having my eyes fill with unshed (unched !!!) tears to laughing out loud. You make me proud.

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