I Dreamed of Cartoons the Other Night.

It was a strange dream. A yellow cat character was being run over with a rolling pin. I’ve been watching too many cartoons. Not by choice. Not really. Two of my children’s favorite things on TV are Tom and Jerry and Curious George. I’m usually in the room or in and out of the room while cartoons are on, and they have apparently entered my subconscious. I’ll find myself humming a theme song or even part of a classical musical piece played over the action of those inevitable chases. It did have me wondering what my children’s brains have running through them on a regular basis.

It’s not hard to tell with my oldest. He talks all day and acts out those things that he finds funny or fascinating. Many times, even a few seconds ago, he’ll jump from his seat and act out the commercial or show add that’s playing on television — complete with facial expressions, dance moves and dialogue. You know that commercial — advertising Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, I believe — that begins listing all these terms that have been used to name the toilet? Yep. He’s got that one memorized. Thankfully, he doesn’t refer to the toilet as the oval office or the porcelain god — yet.

My youngest doesn’t seem to be memorizing television ads, yet; but nothing makes him cut a rug like the opening and closing song of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or a Backyardigan song. I’ve never seen a child his age so overtaken with the spirit of the dance. He moves as much as his still fairly short legs and limited coordination will let him. The only time he is as animated is when he sees a chocolate chip cookie.

So back to my weird cartoon dream. Do I have a strange vendetta aimed at yellow cats? I don’t think so. A fear of rolling pins or cats with rolling pins? Or Baking?  Or does this reflect the complete lack of intellectual stimulation that I receive? Probably.


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