Merry Christmas to All!

A short christmas poem of some things that did (and didn’t) go wrong.=)

my husband headed up to the attic with care

to bring down the christmas things stored up there.

my four year old was jumping out of his skin

as he pulled things out of each well-worn bin.

i was checking the lights i’d rolled up in a stocking.

should have unplugged them ’cause it was quite shocking.

our one year old decided to take a bath in the toilet.

his cute christmas outfit? he decided to soil it.

our gingerbread train was such a yummy sight

that our four year old couldn’t resist a small bite.

we had great fun as we drove to see lights,

our four year old exclaiming, “say, ‘things that ethan likes!”

our one year old has been quite good with the tree,

touching with one finger when we say, “gently!”

Christmas is different with children, you see.

so many things happen unexpectedly —

like your heart soaring to see things through their eyes,

their innocence freeing you deeply inside.

the day to wonder at the Lord’s birth

is full of childlike awe and mirth.

maybe that’s why, if one year we’re alone,

a cruise for christmas will have to be done.

(we did get married on one, you know.

not having to cook christmas dinner is the way to go!)

Merry Christmas!


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