Those familiar with Chattanooga may know what this picture is and even where it is located. But I can almost guarantee that it took you a second to change mental perspective to figure out the answer (Feel free to make your best guess in the comments, by the way.)

For a season, there has been a stirring in my soul to live life from a different perspective. I had described it previously as wanting to live above the mire of life – to not be bogged down in it. Please don’t confuse this with desiring to be a Pollyanna. I know and have experienced how hard life can be. But I wanted to view life through God goggles, to see things from an eternal perspective. How to do that?

The other night, I was watching Graham Cooke on television. (If you have anything negative to say about him, all I can say is that everything I’ve heard come out of his mouth has to do with developing incredible intimacy with the Lord. If nothing else, God is about the business of us developing intimacy with Him.) He put it this way. He placed his palm in front of his face and said, “In life, we are distracted by the circumstances because they are the things right in front of our faces. But what God wants us to ask of Him is, what role does He want to fill for us in these circumstances that He couldn’t or we wouldn’t let Him fill before. He wants us to ask, what does this mean for my relationship with the Lord.” (It’s not an exact quote, but it’s close.)

Over the years, God has asked to fill many places for me. He has asked me to let Him be my inspiration when my life seemed void of beauty. He has asked to be my beloved when I had finally learned what it meant to love someone with my whole heart. He has asked to be my comforter when the bleakness of life threatened to overwhelm me. He has asked to be my guide when all around me looked the same and there was no path in sight. He has asked to be  my healer when I lost my little one and thought I would never be whole again. He has asked to be my counselor when the lies of my heart defined how I saw myself. He has asked to be the Grace of Eternity when shame covered me and weighed me down. Looking back, He has obviously been training me for this time. It is time for me to live differently.

I post this with some trepidation – not that a lot of people read my blog – but it still serves as accountability. It is a public statement, after all. Despite that, I look forward with excitement to see what the Lord will do.


One thought on “Perspective

  1. Praying for you friend. Any time we are willing to make changes in the way we live life, we make ourselves available for God to work. I am so encouraged myself, by your journey.

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