I love the picture of this little fish. He was so avidly curious about me that he would swim slowly with me as I walked, stop and turn with me. I’m not sure how much they’re supposed to see of what they directly face, but he seemed so full of personality.
Truth be told, this fish had more personality than I know I put out there many times. And I think it had everything to do with curiosity. He was curious about me. I found him intriguing. He communicated to me that he was fascinated, and that is a truly intoxicating feeling.
This is nothing new. In fact, my father, who has been a successful salesman for most of his life, has said that he just lets people talk about themselves. When they stop talking, he asks them more questions and they keep talking. This is no gimmick for him. He truly loves people and is naturally curious about them. It is no hardship for him to learn of others; and let me tell you, people love my dad. They feel good about themselves when they are with him.
So, why do I continue to be so egocentric? I have my moments of other-centeredness and those tend to be my best moments — often my feel-good moments.
Now I must bring a point to the surface, rather like those bits of seaweed that wash ashore. As a stay-at-home mom, I serve people all day. Little people. Who expect that service as a matter of course. At the end of the day, one of my primary thoughts is, “Who’s going to serve me?” Maybe some of my egocentricity is earned. But here’s what I know.
Too many bad decisions that I have made started with the thought, “What’s in it for me?” I am urged by numerous outside forces to take care of myself, so I get stressed out when I feel like I’ve been short-changed. And once again, I miss the point.
As a child of the King, He urges me to cast my cares on Him, to “learn of (him) for (he) is meek and lowly in heart.” So what does that look like in reality? God urges me to let Him take care of me. Do I trust Him? Yes, I do. Do I believe He is good? Yes, I do. (And I have to say here that those statements of faith were 15 years in the making.) If I believe those things, then I must necessarily believe that He will take care of me. And here’s the kicker. When I spend quality, intimate time with Him, my needs are met. He fills me up as no spa day, no alone time, no spoiling by my wonderful husband ever could.
This is the power we have to extend to others. Once we are filled with Him, we are no longer egocentric. We have the ability to be truly curious, intrigued even, with others. We can embrace who they are and, perhaps, even help them feel loved.


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